Some of my work over the years.

Creative fee: $250
This is the fee that I charge to create the images that we will use for your finished products.

Finished products can be a keepsake album, wall and gift prints, announcements and digital images. These will be discussed on our discovery meeting.

Your session can take up to 3 or 4 hours and can include studio/home settings as well as one location setting. For additional sites, there will be an extra charge of $125.

Discovery Meeting
We just get together with the senior being photographed and a parent or parents…or legal guardian.

* Parents/Legal guardians must always accompany the senior at all shoots and selection sessions.

What happens after the creative session?
After we create the images, I will cull out the clunkers and present the best images from our session. There are probably going to be a bunch of images. Don’t worry…I’m going to be there with you to help you to decide which pictures are the absolute best.

Everyone is going to be really tired after our creative session, so we will schedule the selection session after I’ve had time to go through the images that were created. This selection session is probably best done in your living room. It is best if we can view the pictures on a large screen, like a TV or something.

The selection session can take up to an hour if we are focused.

Can I view the pictures online?
I am often asked this question. The short answer? No.

Why not? Well, when we go through the images, I, your humble photographer, will help to guide you towards making the best image selections. Sometimes it just takes a gazillimeter (an actual measurement) change in an expression or pose to make one image better than another. I do this stuff all the time and I can help you to see the difference between a good image and a GREAT image.