Launch Showcase

I’m involved in a very special talent showcase which is staged in Chicago in the summer.

It’s NOT a competition.  It is a talent showcase that is part education, with workshops for actors, musicians and models…coupled with performance opportunities.

You are given the chance to showcase your special talents in front of agents and scouts from around the country who are ready, willing and able to sign new talent for representation in the modeling, acting, singing and dancing world, including stage, film and TV, runway, as well as commercial modeling.

It’s not for everyone, and not everyone is invited to attend.  However, if you are selected, you will have an amazing time, meet a bunch of new people and be introduced to new opportunities.

It can literally launch you into your dreams.

Notable Launch attendees:

Launch Showcase is an experience like no other.  Again, it’s not a competition. Attendees describe it as getting together with a big family where there is no competition and everyone is cheering you on and applauding your successes.

During the weekend,  you will learn from industry experts about runway modeling, commercial print modeling, film and tv auditions, as well as stage performing.

You will learn about walking the runway, what it means to be a commercial model, how to audition for tv/film/commercial roles.

If you have always had a dream to be in film/tv/modeling, Launch Showcase is an excellent place to get your start.

Are your right for Launch Showcase?

I’m a talent scout for Launch in East Texas and would love to talk to you to see if you are one of those who could receive an invitation to attend.  It’s not for everyone, so everyone is not accepted.  But for the right person, the weekend will change your life.

Contact me (Mike Provencher) and I’ll be more than happy to speak with you about my experience at Launch Showcase and the experiences of those I have been lucky enough to see  participate in it.

Online Audition
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