These instructions are for guys and girls.  Guys, just leave out or substitute for the girly parts.

Please bring 5 or 6 tops with you, we will probably shoot all of them.

Colors? Light, some dark and don’t forget sweaters if you love them. Also remember that a dress can also be a top right, so if you have a fav, bring it.


Seriously, if you come in with flowery patterns and wild designs…unless you are the designer showing off your work…the clothing will NOT work for your headshot.

We are doing headshots, with an emphasis on the head and shoulders, so it’s all about your face, your eyes, your smile, so don’t worry about bottom of you. Of course, don’t go all Yogi Bear style, cause that would just be awkward.

Most women should not be photographed sleeveless…not trying to be mean, it’s just a fact, you won’t like it so factor that into your clothing choices.

Just a comment on loose, puffy sleeves. These will make you look bigger than you are in your pictures and should be avoided.

Please reconsider using that favorite turtleneck…while they are cozy and can look great on you…it’s going to hide your neck and hide your jawline.

For professional business headshots, bring something like a nice business suit (a shirt with the jacket is good).

Please bring something to put your hair up, like in a messy bun or something, these
pics usually turn into client’s favorites.
If you forget to bring something to do your hair, I do have a bunch of butterfly clips you may use.

Oh yeah, women can be pretty brutal when they look at other women’s hair…especially if it is past time for a coloring…yes, they will immediately point out someone’s roots…so consider having your color fixed before your shoot.

Please also bring your makeup kit for touch ups, don’t forget lip color.
It would be really nice if you had some kind of powder that can knock down any shine you may have…the lights will really blow those areas out of proportion.

It is a good idea to bring some neck and ear bling (long, dangly earrings can be very cool).

If you have scarves or headbands, or hats, etc and feel like it, bring them too.

Guys, please come in with a fresh shave.  Bring a coat and a tie. We may not shoot you with a tie, but it’s best to have that option available if possible.

Guys, bring a jacket and dress shirt that fit you properly. If your jackets and shirts are too tight, it will show in the picture…also, don’t wear something that is too loose, as that will also not look great in a picture.

Thanks all, see you soon!