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Senior Photos

I don’t do a ton of senior portraits, but check out my Seniors page HERE. Here’s a quick preview from a recent class of 2023 session I did:

My web site

Dang it…my theme is the most confusing thing to work with that I’ve ever worked with. That’s why my website is jumbled up. Good thing I can work a camera 🙂 If you have any questions…just call me 903*707*0706

New Hosting

Okay, first step…got off my old hosting company that was just awful. I won’t name names, but it rhymes with SlowDaddy. That’s the first step as I try to make this site look like a photographer’s site. I can ALREADY see a difference in speed with my new hosting company!!

Launch Showcase

Launch Showcase I’m involved in a very special talent showcase which is staged twice a year in June and November in Chicago. It’s NOT a competition.  It is a talent showcase that is part education, with workshops for actors, musicians and models…coupled with performance opportunities. You are given the chance to showcase your special talents...

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