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Are you one of the 10 ENERGETIC, ENTHUSIASTIC and OUTGOING models from East Texas for the Class of 2017 and 2018 who can help promote Improv Photo?

Earn HUGE discounts on your Senior sessions and products.

East Texas senior pictures Improv Photo

mike provencher with improv photo


We’re looking for 10 energetic and outgoing individuals from the classes of 2015 and 2016 from Tyler, Texas area high schools to be models for our studio. You’ll help promote our studio and help people discover Improv Photo. By doing so, you can earn sessions and print packages and other products.  While we would like to take models from outside 50 miles of Tyler, Texas, it would be difficult for us to both benefit from this, so please only apply if you are approximately 50 miles from Tyler, Texas. This area includes Canton, Lindale, White Oak, Longview, Kilgore, Henderson, Bullard, Jacksonville, Athens.


What is the Improv Photo Senior Model Program?

Are you in the class of 2015 or 2016? If so, read on. If chosen for this program, you will have a model photo shoot, complete with professional hair and makeup. We will capture a number of different looks for you using a number of photographic styles and cutting edge lighting techniques, from glamorous to casual, from formal to full-blown artsy. We will photograph in black and white, white on white and other styles that will just blow you and your friends away. A ha you say, there’s the catch, you want to use my friends. No “catch”, you will get some great images from your sessions that we’re hoping you want to share with your friends and family, which will help Improv Photo get some exposure in East Texas, if you’ll pardon that photography pun.


Here’s what you get

a) A model session ($100 value). We do this early in the year, so that there is enough time to promote through the remainder of the school year. You will also promote up to graduation, because there will always be stragglers who wait until April or May of their graduating year to get their portraits done. You will receive as many model cards as you need using the images that we take from your model session. (No purchases required, though portraits available for 25% discount if ordered at time of session).

b) Your senior session, ($100 value) to be photographed in June. (Yep, you will get your actual full-blown senior portrait session, based on the package that you choose.) There is a minimum purchase required, but you’re going to work really hard and get this for free right? Free?? What?? More on this follows.

c) A complimentary family photo session. (This is a $100 value). A lot of people like to take advantage of this photo session in the fall before Christmas. This session is optional and only offered as an incentive to become an Improv Photo Model (min purchase requirement for this session of $175).

East Texas Senior portraits

I don’t get it, doesn’t this mean I’m just another customer?

Yes, you will be a customer, but as an Improv Photo model, in addition to your model session, your senior session and the complimentary family session (if you choose to schedule one) you will receive a supply of model cards with your images on them.The card will have a special offer on the back with a discount from us.You earn points for simply passing out your cards to people and telling them about your great experience with Improv Photo.When you show them the amazing pictures and they call to book an appointment, you will get a point and $20 towards your senior portrait package. Get enough referrals to earn more sessions and products.


Tyler Texas Senior Portraits Improv Photo

So, I get “points” and credit for referring other Seniors to Improv Photo?

Yes, you will receive one point and $20 credit for each person you refer who books an appointment with us, but this doesn’t only apply to high school seniors, it also applies to referrals for babies, children and families too! You can pass out our model cards (I’ll give you as many as you need, up to graduation) not only at school, but at your church, sports and other social functions. Speaking of social functions, what about social media? I will upload your model images for you to Facebook where you can tag them and share with your friends as well. With enough referrals, you could potentially earn your senior portrait session and products for FREE.

East Texas senior portraits


What!? I can earn products for FREE?

Yep, we said it…EARN. By being an Improv Photo model, you get a chance to earn your senior portrait sessions and products for free, based on the number of people that you refer for bookings. Sounds like work doesn’t it? Not really, all you have to do is hand out your model cards and tell people how wonderful the experience with Improv Photo was (we guarantee that you will be happy) also, you can con your mom into helping you, because we’ll get her some of your model cards to hand out too. She can hand them out at work and wherever she may be around other moms. Moms LOVE to show off pictures of their kids right??

There are other opportunities to earn points

There are other opportunities to earn points and even double points.We will get into the details of this once you’ve been accepted into the program. We do some charity photo events throughout the year, so by helping with these, you will possibly be able to satisfy “service hours” requirements that you may need to graduate.We would have to confirm with your schools that the hours can be applied of course.Double points for referrals are awarded for instance if you can refer people from a new school that we may be trying to get into.

Senior Pictures, Tyler, Lindale, Texas


Limited to only 10 Models at this time

We’re only looking for 10 models to work with at this time, and once those spots are filled, we won’t accept any more. 10 is a good number to work with and we want to help each of the 10 to get the most out of the program. Based on the success of this, we will possibly expand the program in the future, but don’t miss out, get started now.

Senior Pictures, East Texas

So, How Do I Get Started?

All you have to do to get started is fill out this online application and send a recent picture to Don’t worry about the picture, we’re not looking for beauty queens and fashion models, sometimes they’re the ones who don’t work very hard. We just want regular girls who want to get some extraordinary photos to share with their friends. Did I say girls? We will accept boys as models too, but we have found that over the years, most of our senior clients were girls, but maybe it’s different in East Texas. Don’t get me wrong, we will photograph boys as well, in fact we would love to do some more killer sports portraits like this one:

Senior Portraits at Improv Photo

or this one:

Senior Portraits at Improv Photo

What do I do again?

It all starts when you fill out that online application. After we receive your application, we’ll contact you within 7 days.

What happens if I’m accepted?

If you are accepted, there is a $100 non-refundable fee to become a model, which is applied towards your Senior Portrait package. Oh great, there’s the real catch, you want lots of money from me. Not really, you will be earning your way when you become a model for Improv Photo, and will be rewarded for it. The $100 fee is a way to weed out those who think that we’re just going to spend a lot of time photographing them and send them on their way with lots of free prints and products with their promise to send us lots of business…yeah, right. The fee says that you are committed to the model program (it’s not really for everyone) and will actually help to make it a success for both of us. To be a model, you must also be a customer, so your $100 fee will apply to the package that you choose for your actual senior session. More details on that a little later.

We will schedule to meet together, with parents of course, and go over the details of the program and how it will work, and what you can expect to get out of it.

Senior portraits in tyler, texas

Not sure if this is right for you?

Honestly, such a program is not for everyone. If you decide not to become a model for Improv Photo, we would still LOVE to have you as a customer. Contact us today (there’s a CONTACT link at the top of every page) and let’s schedule a no-obligation consultation with you and your parents and we can discuss what you would like to get out of your Senior Portrait sessions.



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I need 10 energetic, enthusiastic, and OUTGOING models from East Texas for the Class of 2012 and 2013 to help promote Improv Photo.

Earn HUGE discounts on your Senior sessions and products.You could also EARN win an Apple iPad or laptop computer!






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